I'm a Newbie

SOPHIEBUG - 1:53PM UTC, May 8th 2013

Hello Everyone! I'm 57 yrs old, diabetic and somewhat disabled (long story). I started CK just 4 days ago, but actually began my personal journey of getting healthy 2 months ago. In that period of time, I began to get a little stronger (working out), and losing weight (counting calories). Then I stumbled upon CK while searching the web, and I'm so happy with the program. I'm keeping MUCH better track now, and taking a hard look at why I've had little if any good results in the past. The past is over and I'm living each day anew!

I welcome any and all suggestions, encouragement and ideas from current members, and hope to make some good contacts through CK.

LISAVA_NA - 3:15AM UTC, Nov 1st 2014


HI! I am Lisa and just started CK two weeks ago. I will be 55 on February 11th 2015 and am trying to lose weight myself. I started searching the site and found lots of information on this site. Set some goals and keep the diary. It has helped me so much so see just where I need to make changes. I have already changed my drinking sweet tea to drinking more water and SOBE flavored water. It helps. Just make some little changes and you will see. I moved home to be a caregiver for my blind, deaf father and have to do all the cooking and cleaning and feeding the dog. I don't mind because I only have one father. I lost my mother in 2011 to a stroke and I don't want that to happen to me so I am doing my best to get back to a healthy me. Good luck and talk to ya soon.

LESTEARNS - 8:22AM UTC, Oct 30th 2014


I have been on CK now for about 3 months. I have finally reached the 10% mark for weight lost, and still have 102 lbs to go to reach my goal weight. I have worked my way up to walking about a mile to a little over a mile about 4 days a week and have kept track of steps with my pedometer for the days when I work 12 hour shifts, and don't really get the chance to do my longer walk. I'm a nurse, so my job intales walking some, but not usually a mile in a shift. I usually get in about 2000 steps at work. I am having more difficulty losing weight than I used to when dieting as a younger lady, and I blame part of that on the fact that I have to take insulin now and I have heart damage from chemo that I had to take back in 1998. I can't be quite as active as I used to be, as my heart tends to not like too much activity at any one time. I am having better success than I've had in the past 5 years with sticking to the program, as I find being able to document everything helps keep me on track. I am just looking for any tidbits that others can give on what they do to help keep themselves on track. I'm 57 in case I didn't already say that at the beginning. Thanks.

NGIOMMI - 7:49PM UTC, Dec 27th 2013

I'm new, today. 56, not diabetic - and I'll say yet, because I have a strong family history of it and I feel it's just a matter of time. A motivator for me is to not become a diabetic.
I'm wondering how you're making out - a few months into the program.