Im new to blogs or forums

DADDYZGIRL - 1:29AM UTC, Jul 1st 2010

Phoenix, Az. 85044

I just finished my very 1st blog! I really beleive this is the way to lose weight! Just type the day or nite away!! :wave1:

Being 57 its alot harder than when we were in our 20's!! We work at it togther as a team we can do it!!

Gotta go make something for dinner before it gets too late!

Keep the faith & beleive in yourself!! :wave1:
God Bless you All! :heart2:

BROWNEYEDGIRL - 2:51AM UTC, Jul 29th 2010


Hi Everyone!
I am new to this group and to the forums here but not to Calorie King. I am about to turn 59 and want so much to get back in shape. I have recently dedicated myself to losing 25 to 30 pounds in the next few months, hopefully with some help from others working to get to the same place.
No excuses for me, I just got lazy and tired. No more...hopefully I have found a group of people who deal with the same issues when you hit this time in life - wanting to get there and finding it very frustrating - but not impossible. I am monitoring my new eating plan and exercising as much as my body can stand. That's not much, I am out of shape.

As a friend of mine always used to say, I can do it, I can do it, I can!

DEBBIE1026 - 6:33PM UTC, Jul 21st 2010

Hi :hi:
I, too, am new to blogging and find that it helps me to stay motivated by reading others' stories. I am the same age and do find it frustrating at times. Most times I have just eaten too much during the day, but even keeping to my calorie targets I don't see the changes I would have seen even a few years ago. :sad3: I also have diabetes which doesn't help matters any, nor does my lack of enthusiasm for exercise!:wink2: Leaving now for our residential gym to get in a couple miles on the cycle which is at least something I like.
Take care.:frog:

PS: By the way, I just came home from visiting your city. How does anyone get any exercise in that terrible heat! :tongue10:

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