Just beginning

ACTIVIA - 3:26AM UTC, Nov 9th 2011

I'm 53 yrs old, I weigh 182 - so i need alot of help right now! Starting with 15 minute walks in the morning & afternoon. Also incorporated strength training twice a week. Will check back in 1 month.:look:

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BBENNETTFNP - 2:00AM UTC, Dec 21st 2011 View users public diary

Silverdale Wa

Hi. just came back for a drop in. I used to post regularly but time was running short. have a few minutes and want to say, keep it up it works. you didnt check in yet and am wondering how you are doing. keep on the program it works. I lost 20, regained a few and am back at 15 off. there are always ups and downs. but its the over all process that works. message me if you want to talk. Betty

OFFICE1 - 5:15PM UTC, Nov 16th 2011

Great way to start. Hope you are feeling better now!