Just joined!

JLYWIS - 2:35PM UTC, Jun 7th 2010

Hi! Just joined today and am hoping this helps get the midlife weight gain under control. Looking forward to learning and sharing ideas!

ZSAZSA56 - 11:53AM UTC, Aug 1st 2010

Atlanta, GA

I'm 54 and new to this forum. I was actually in the best shape of my life when I hit 50, but some kind of "switch" clicked off this last year. It has been killer to try and lose weight. I can gain 3 lbs overnight and then it takes a week or more to get it back off. We have to realize especially if you are female that we just can't eat like we used to. I just made a full committment three days ago to start eating clean, which means basically eating real food. No processed foods and especially no alcohol. I eat frequently, every three hours, mini meals. Already I feel much better, my stomach feels naturally sucked in, energy level is even and I have dropped 2.5 lbs. I am hoping to find some support in these forums as I don't have any in-the-flesh friends at any age who are interested in eating healthy or working out in the gym. Seems like most people my age just don't care anymore.

CHRISRN - 9:13PM UTC, Jun 22nd 2010

"If hunger is not the problem, then eating is not the answer"
your quote rings true - for me - I was tired, ate crackers and they didn't make me less tired.

CHRISRN - 9:09PM UTC, Jun 22nd 2010

I' m 53 and I have arthritis in one knee, knee replacement in the other and a fused ankle. The ankle took about a year to heal, it finally doesn't hurt most of the time. I started walking little by little. The place where I walk has 3 places to park along the walkway and it suddenly dawned on me that most days I'm now parking at the furthest point which makes an hour walk for me. at first I could only manage the 30 minute walk and I was aching by the end. I definitely notice with just 20 lbs weight loss a huge difference in pain. If I remember to sign up I like a water aerobics class , just kicking myself because I forgot to call in time to get a reservation for tonight's class. I'm also doing some resistance training and using the eliptical 2 x week at the gym. Like I said I started small and I have to be careful not to over do it, i did wrench my back over the winter and that set me back - but that's better now.
I'm at a stand still in my weight loss and really would like to lose 15 lbs more. I have been using CK since January - Writing my food is key - I just noticed that I only recorded my food one day last week - I 'm sure this has something to do with my lack of progess.
Up to now I haven't looked at the community support and figured it was time if I'm going to make any progress.
Good luck - I think this is a good place to be!

DEECHAFFIN - 5:32PM UTC, Jun 22nd 2010

Hi! I just joined yesterday too and am trying to find my way around. I am 63 years old and have been a diabetic for about 10 years. About a year ago I started seriously paying attention to what I was eating. I was at 328 pounds then and am now down to 262. I also have knee and back problems so have trouble getting in exercise. I live in a retirement community and have been trying to get out and make a circle of the complex at least once a day now. I am hoping it will bet easier the more I do it. I need all the help and encouragement I can get! I am really hoping I have found the right place it seems really great and just what I have been looking for. I have also bought the book to carry in my purse. Hope to hear from you.

CHRISRN - 12:39AM UTC, Jun 22nd 2010

thanks . I just keep trying every day . I have been exericising a lot but have been doing too much some days- I've been painting and cleaning, trying to get the house in shape for graduation party and summer- and I find I'm eating too much when I'm tired or worried. I don't want to make excuses but I'm trying to figure out why I did so well for 4 months and now I'm not going anywhere.
I just know I don't want to give up. It would be too easy to stop and give in but the weight comes on much faster and easier than it came off.
At least reading these posts will keep me from going back to the kitchen tonight.

DANCER - 8:39PM UTC, Jun 21st 2010

I guess the good thing is you are not gaining, you have lost and if you stay at that new weight for a while, what the heck you have achieved that.

Just do something different in your eating plan or exercise plan, thats what other CKers have advised me when I have stopped losing. Which in actual fact is exactly where I am too. Lost 4 lbs in 4 weeks and nothing since. Been a member since beginning of May.

I am just hanging in there waiting for my brain to realise that it doesn't get acknowledged anymore when it tries to tempt me into overeating. My brain is a slow learner but I am learning how to teach it new and better tricks. That is the way I am looking at it. A battle between me and my brain. I trained that brain and damn it I WILLl teach it new tricks
all the best on your journey.......

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Hang in there!!:bigeyes3: If happens to everyone where we get stuck and no weight loss. I'm there right now. So I upped my walking and added some beginning weight strengthening. Yes "arthur" has found my left knee, lower back, thumbs & wrist. I'm sitting here right now with a heat wrap on my knee after walking. Also two Advil. CK has lots of great information and so do alot of other sites. Buy it has to be your decision totally that you want to commit to this life change. Great support at CK. I'm here as support.:hi:
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CHRISRN - 12:03PM UTC, Jun 16th 2010

Hi-I've been doing calorie king since January. I lost 20 lbs and am stuck, still want to lose 15 more. I was really rigourous about writing things down at first but I guess I'm not being as careful about recording my food over the past month or so. I'm so frustrated but I really don't want to give up which is why I decided to check out the forums. I want to renew my commitment to getting to a healthy weight.
I can relate to posts in this group. at 53 it is definitely slower going losing the weight. Arthritis in the knees and back doesn't help. I have to say though after losing that 20 and walking or going to the gym as much as possible I'm having MUCH less pain. I started small and now I can walk up to an hour most of the time without much pain.
I've been stuck at the same weight for over a month and I'm really afraid of losing my motivation and starting to gain again. Any suggestions will be appreciated.:bang:

WORKINGHARD2LOSE - 9:32PM UTC, Jun 7th 2010


Welcome - nice having you here on CK

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