Late night eating help!

SHER - 3:31PM UTC, Aug 17th 2010

I seem to have gotten in a rut of sleeping late, staying up late & eating while watching TV......I am never gonna get this wt off if this continues!! Currently laid off & just can't seem to get motivated to do anything! Tired all the time! Any good advice???

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Silverdale Wa

Hi all. still having trouble with the late night eating. taking melatonin 1 hr before 9pm and am able to fall asleep around 10:30, even with chronic back pain. when I wake it is early enough that I can get a walk on my treadmill and breakfast! seems to be working. made goal today :)

KATJABEEN - 2:26AM UTC, Sep 20th 2010


Eating at night is a challenge for me too. Sometimes it helps if I eat an extra ounce or two of lean protein at dinner. I also allow for a treat that signifies the end of eating for the day - for awhile I would have a glass of chocolate milk but lately I've been having a glass of red wine. Some evenings are harder than others and I would love to hear what is working for others.


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Silverdale Wa

Hi. just joining. I am a newbie, although have been coaching OTHER people for years in my role as RN and then nurse practitioner. menopause is a major player in insulin resistance and belly fat. first there is the stress our bodies go through, and the metabolism slows a lot. in addition, our taste changes with age and so do our motivations. Being in a group is a great idea because we are all there. BTW if you are on HRT, I strongly recommend transdermal application. if you want to know more, e-mail me.

Linda, I am so there with you. in the evening, if I had a bottle of ketchup I could eat the arm off the sofa. am trying to get to bed earlier to avoid temptation. What have you tried.

SHER - 10:15PM UTC, Sep 15th 2010

I'm in the same menopause boat........I've gained 40 lb's since TAH 5yr's ago!! I'm on Estrogen replacement for HF's but my wt just keeps going up! Depressed & frustrated!

LINDAOG - 11:07PM UTC, Sep 12th 2010

Get outside during the day. I love sleeping late too and snacking.... honey I wrote the book on late night snacking! But I found making myself get out of the house (early morning did it for me) and I lost my initial 10 pounds.

LINDAOG - 11:03PM UTC, Sep 12th 2010

I've just started menopause and have started gaining weight in leaps and bounds! What is HcG? Where would I get it?

BONNIE.SIMMONS - 8:15PM UTC, Sep 10th 2010


My approach has been to set small goals for myself within a 40 day period, I can do anything for 40 days. After trying for three years I joined CK again and found a lifestyle diet thats been working for me. I'm 5'2' my starting weight was 165 and I am currently 131 my goal weight is 120. Thats what it really about for me, results. I don't mind working hard but I need to see results. During the forty day I use herbal cleansers, reduce my calories and I use B12 shots and a homeopathic dose of HcG. The Hcg has a profound effect on weight loss and increases your BMR naturally. I started to gain weight when I started going through menopause and tried ever thing to get a handle on it, with no results.

My energy level was high, I was told not to exercise during the 40 days, my skin never looked better and I got the results I work so hard for. No one want to fail, and I had tried for three year and I was determined to fine a healthy way to lose weight. My husband is a doctor so I talked to him, did some research and started my first HCG diet I recored my food daily on the CK. The first time I lost 24 pounds, half of what I had gained. I did it a second time and lost an additional 21 pound, I'm still 11 pound from my goal weight ,but I never lost sight of skinny me... I would encourage you to look up Dr Simeons book Pounds and Inches. Dr. Simeons did a comprehensive study on obesity and the use of HcG and B12 in a clinical study.
I love CK!
Good luck!

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SPEECHFREAK - 3:28AM UTC, Aug 20th 2010


Since you are tired all of the time, you may want to schedule a physical to make sure everything is okay. I find that if I eat too many sweets or refined carbs, I feel tired. Protein and slow burn carbs are good for keeping the energy up.