Low carb/cal snack

SHER - 12:20PM UTC, Nov 18th 2010

If any of you are interested & have a Gt Eagle near them (or @ least I know they have this @ McKee's Rock's store) is something called Magic Pop which kinda resembles & taste similar to a rice cake, but much larger.......only has 15 cals & 4 carbs! Come in plain, & onion......chk it out. Great with SF jelly or choc syrup, etc.

BBENNETTFNP - 5:49AM UTC, Nov 22nd 2010 View users public diary

Silverdale Wa

Hey, Pittsburgh girl here - or used to be. Loved G. Eag. we dont have one in Seattle. Never heard of Magic Pop. Sounds intriguing. Betty

CBROOKES - 4:10PM UTC, Nov 20th 2010

San Diego

Hi Sher, we don't have Gt Eagle or McKee's Rock stores. Is Magic Pop the brand name? They sound yummy.

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