Motivation and follow through

NEED2BHEALTHY - 6:36AM UTC, Sep 13th 2009


I have some motivation but zero follow through. Tonight I planned my menu for tomorrow and set a goal to walk 30 minues . Usually my motivation and follow through go out the door with out me as soon as I get up in the morning.

Can anyone give me advice as to how I can accomplis my goals?


MARIE92857 - 8:22AM UTC, Sep 19th 2009

This is what am doing and it works for me for now. What I do is pick one thing a day as a target task for my excises it may be that I walk in place for 5 min or do yard work for 30 min. The point is to ask your-self each day what task am willing to give my self to day that I know I will complete. I only do one task till I can complete one task each day for two whole weeks then add to the task in min. I find that when you are making changes to your life that it can be overwhelming even though its good change that you are making. So if you allow youÂ’re self some lee way till you are ready to make a daily commitment to exercises then all you are doing is sabotaging your own plans for change in my opinion. I know that I will be ready to commitment to daily exercises if I take baby steps because I want it to be a life long change.:thumbu2:

TAILDRAGGER - 1:21AM UTC, Sep 16th 2009

Asheville, NC

Walking 30 minutes is a great start! To me, loosing weight on CK is really about learning to log your calories after each meal. The exercise is just an "extra benefit." Focus on logging your calories.
Here's a great goal: Stop eating FAST FOODS for 30 days. No McDonalds, No Burger King etc.. (This is not simple to do. It will require some effort. Be sure you go to the grocery store and buy some of your favorite fruits and keep them on hand to fight those fast food cravings!)