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GOLDIE - 3:00PM UTC, Aug 18th 2008


I am glad to find this group. Last fall I lost 15# and felt great. It wasn't terribly hard and I don't remember being hungry. What torpedoed me was that I stopped tracking my food and exercising. Over the winter, I put it all back on. I recently started feeling depressed about the "padding" that I regained. Since I prefer to have energy and not be depressed, I started walking again. The "blues" went right away and I realized that I just need to get back with the healthy eating/exercise program.

The book, YOU on a Diet, has given me great information and I look forward to the CK site to gather even more. I am encouraged by all of the positive comments/help you all share!

TENACITY - 12:54AM UTC, Aug 25th 2008

Ontario Canada

Hello Goldie

Sorry I missed your post a few days ago. Welcome to the group!


Stay Well, Stay Fit, Stay Focused

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