New to Group

RACHEL1 - 10:45AM UTC, Feb 10th 2010

I'm 54 and started three weeks ago and just found this group. Hope I can find some support. I've lost 10 lbs and just had my calories cut to 1200. i have trouble finding time to exercise.

BJHERE - 2:55PM UTC, Mar 26th 2010

Somewhere out there

I fit it in a little at a time at work. If I arrive too early to time in I walk the halls until I can. If I have time at lunch I walk until it is time to return to work. Try just fitting 15 minutes at home here and there it will add up.

EX Minutes 115/230
Calories burn 591/1024
Wt 196/201/222(preCK)
Miles 5.2

BMMAC - 5:17AM UTC, Mar 3rd 2010

Good job getting started! I have found it helpful to focus on the target calories and let go of weighing myself. I started last April and was weighed during a physical and haven't been weighed since. I know I've lost four inches and have paid attention to the calorie targets daily, so that has been my focus. I find it more tangible than hoping I have dropped weight every Friday, and the size has been coming off me. The focus on CK and calories has been more healthy for me as I've learned a lot. Exercise started very slowly for me as in a 20 minute walk or short bike ride. I can now run 2 miles, do pilates, bike 35 miles or hike for a couple of hours, so it has built up steadily. Good luck and find what works for you and take the long view....the changes you are making should last a lifetime so you don't have to change everything at once.

PATPASS - 9:40PM UTC, Feb 11th 2010

Hi Rachel,
I'm sorry you gained weight as a consequence, but congrats on giving up smoking!

PATPASS - 9:38PM UTC, Feb 11th 2010

Hi Rachel,
You are off to a good start! I'm a newbie too, just started 2/1/10, and I'm looking for some support too. I keep putting off starting to exercise, even though I know how important that is. I got a VCR/DVD in my bedroom for Christmas, thinking that would help so I'm not out in plain view exercising, but it hasn't gotten me started yet! At least the diet part has been going well for me... Have a good day/evening!

MSFLAB - 8:24PM UTC, Feb 10th 2010

Welcome Rachel. Congratulations on losing 10lbs, thats a good start. I started again last week and have lost 4 lbs. Since being in my fifties, I've found it difficult to lose weight. I quit smoking 3 years ago and turned to eating for comfort. I've gained 52 lbs and most of my clothes don't fit anymoe. I've never been this big before, even when pregnant. I wish you good luck on your journey.:smile1: