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RECRE8SUZ - 10:10AM PST, Nov 30th 2009


Hey glad to see a group for those of us over 50! I've been on CK for about three years, but this last year I've been pretty flaky about recording/blogging. The good news is that I maintained the same weight throughout the year -- going up and down about five pounds. It was a confidence builder for me, because one of the fears I've had is losing only to regain it again.

Now I'm ready to get moving on down the scale again. I am SO ready to see the 160s! The closest I came to it this year was 173, which was my low.

I enjoy recording and tracking my food, once I get I'm looking forward to doing that again. The hardest thing for me is to incorporate exercise into my life. Walking is my exercise of choice. I have lower back issues and tend to overprotect and probably use that as an excuse to not do some things (big admission here). But walking is good. I would like to get some stretching exercises routinely and will work towards that.

I look forward to "meeting" all you other members -- and getting and giving support! I see there is another Susan in this group, so I'll go by my nickname: Suz.

Suz (recre8suz)

The journey of a thousand miles begins with but a single step.

HW: 230
SW: 205
CW: 178.6
GW: 145

SOFTSPOKEN - 7:34PM PST, Dec 9th 2009

Summer Days

Welcome to you both!

BMMAC - 5:18PM PST, Dec 6th 2009

New member to the group, having been on CK since April. Started out at 298 but haven't weighed myself in eight months. I figure i'm in the 250's, but have found it freeing to not be watching the scale each week. The CK cal guidelines seem to be providing me the guardrails I need.

LUCY55 - 7:34AM PST, Dec 6th 2009

HI. I am new to CK and have just joined this group. Looking for over 50 ideas and success! It is good to read about your maintaining your new weight as I have had that problem! Best of luck as you go forward!

SOFTSPOKEN - 5:55PM PST, Dec 3rd 2009

Summer Days

Hi, Suz, I am Jan, 55!