New to this group and Calorie King

BOBR1949 - 3:03PM UTC, Jan 1st 2010


Hi everyone. This is a big step for me. I've been climbing the mountain getting fatter and fatter. I've been trying to figure out how to lose weight in an affordable way, and this looks like what I'll have to do. The plan looks good, I like all the tools, especially the diary. I may try blogging in the future, if I can.

My current weight is 386 lbs. My goal weight is 186 lbs. It will probably take a couple of years to reach that weight, but I'm going for it. My intermediate goal is 347 lbs.

I have one handicap that keeps me from doing any exercising involving walking or dancing or other things. I have bone-on-bone arthritis in both knees and have a hard time walking. I've started torso & arm dancing to some of my favorite tunes. I'll see if that helps when I weigh in on Sunday.

By the way, what do all those codes mean I see at the bottom of peoples post. Some I've figured out, but a lot I still don't know.

To paraphrase a popular saying: "I have hit rock top weight. There's no way left but down."


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SOFTSPOKEN - 2:54PM UTC, Jan 2nd 2010

Summer Days

Welcome, Bob!
This is a very good program and a very welcoming community. I know what you mean about exercise being a challenge. When I started, I really focused on getting my food on target for a month. I worked hard at getting the right amount of calories, my fruit/veggies, water, cooking, and journaling every day.