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BP4ROTTS - 7:41PM UTC, Sep 18th 2009

Sacramento, CA

OK, I looked through many of the groups I would be interested in. This is the only group that has any recent activity (within 1 month).

I turn 50 in November. I started a medically supervised Healthy Living class through my doctor last Tuesday and CalorieKing is the reference guide provided. I decided to join yesterday, so I am on the 7 day online trial. I think I like it, but it seems to be taking a long time.

I started the class for my health. I am about 70 pounds overweight and on 11 different medications, including 2 for diabetes (type 2). My most recent med is tamoxifen for breast cancer. This is my second reason for joining the class. I am now a survivor of 2 different cancers. I had Hodgkin's Lymphoma when I was 21 many years ago.

One of my motivations is a little silly, but easily visualized. I had a double mastectomy with immediate construction. I chose to be a size smaller (B). Now I need my bottom half to match my top half (which will never change again larger or smaller.

This year truly is the start of the rest of my life.

To my health,

Beth :)

MARIE92857 - 6:45AM UTC, Oct 3rd 2009

Hi, Beth just checking to see how you are doing. I am still at it I keep telling myself that as long as I go down and not up am doing well. I last 1/2 lb last week and I had to remind myself the weigth is going down.


MARIE92857 - 1:26AM UTC, Sep 29th 2009

Hi, Beth how are you doing are you finding it hard or easy? I have days were I do very well and some days not good at all. On the days I do not do to well I try to keep myself busy with things that do not concern food. I did not get over weight overinght I know I will not loose it overnight eigher.

Hope you are doing well!


MARIE92857 - 7:45AM UTC, Sep 25th 2009

Hi, TAILDRAGGER I would not say am doing really, just learning like you stated to make eatting a conscious decision. All I know is that am working on the loosing part but my main goal is to change my ways and be more in turne with myself.
Loosing 1.4 bs per week is very good keep up the good work before you know it you will have a new you.


TAILDRAGGER - 2:52AM UTC, Sep 24th 2009

Asheville, NC

Hello Beth & Marie,
Looks to me like you are both doing really well. I'm approaching 120 DAYS of using CK. The funny part is that I am really just now becoming keenly aware of what types of food I am eating and also learning that making the decision to have a meal or snack should be a very conscious one...not one of habit. CK IS REALLY EASY TO USE NOW! It works. I averaging 1.4 lbs lost per week. For me, that's perfect!
Good Luck Everyone!

MARIE92857 - 4:09AM UTC, Sep 20th 2009

:hi: Hi, Beth you are right we have control of are choices. Mirror I tell myself I chose the way that I was eating that lead to the body I have now. And I choose to make better decision now for a healthier body for the future. Its up to use to make it, its hard be we can do it.:thumbu2:


BP4ROTTS - 3:45PM UTC, Sep 19th 2009

Sacramento, CA

You are right about 1 hour at a time. :y:

When I was diagnosed, everything was 1 day at a time. You had to wait for the next step and you had no control. It was easier not to worry.

This requires a conscious effort and you have control of you choices. :angel4::devil7:

Way harder!


MARIE92857 - 8:01AM UTC, Sep 19th 2009

:wave1: Hi, Beth you have over come a lot already you are a survivor that is not small thing. It takes longer to loose weight because we are putting our attention on the loss, I would suggest that you change the attention to how you are feeling or the changes you are making. Because when we gain weight it is gradual and we don’t pay much attention to the gain till we are out of control. However when we are loosing the weight we want it to happen faster then it took us to gain it, go figure.

Health is the reason am using Cal King myself am 59 70 lb over weight and have knee issues and I do not like the way I look. I want to be a great looking 60 and up and have energy. I know it can be done but it will take time.

You hang in there and just take it one hour at a time.

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