Newbie Here and 50

PBR3 - 1:24AM UTC, Apr 26th 2009

Outside Atlanta GA

Turned 50 in January. Besides having a heck of a time trying to lose weight and loving to eat, I'm pre-menapausal (I usually call it meanpause) and am watching what I eat due to kidney stones.

I've been doing Wii Fit since last Christmas and I love it. Gotta laugh at the trainer always saying the same things like when I'm boxing - "I know you can do better than that, let's hit the gym again tomorrow." DH laughs at me when I say it while the guy is saying it. I already know he's going to tell me that.

I work 45 miles away from home so I leave at 6:30 and get home between 6:15 and 6:45. Doesn't leave me too much time for working out but I've been pretty good getting in 5 days a week and also have been recently walking a short walk, probably 1 mile, during lunch.

I'm here hoping to lose and really feel comfortable already telling things on the forums that I normally wouldn't say to strangers!