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NEED2BHEALTHY - 2:37PM UTC, Jun 21st 2010

Hi everyone,
My mind has motivation, but my body does not. I can't seem to get moving on the exercize thing. My body just doesn't have any get up and go. I started CK last May and have gained 8.9 pounds since then. I fell off the wagon and am having a he// of a tgime getting back on. Does anyone have any motivational words or advice than can help me? :'(I am 50+ too.


BBENNETTFNP - 5:53AM UTC, Oct 2nd 2010 View users public diary

Silverdale Wa

so how are you doing? I re-read your post from June. hope you have done well. Betty

EDIDAVIS - 4:39PM UTC, Sep 27th 2010

very good advice, I also needed to hear it. diane d

EDIDAVIS - 1:03AM UTC, Jul 16th 2010

Thank you , the words are inspirational and so true. I needed to hear that also. edi

TLJ - 1:50AM UTC, Jun 27th 2010

I was doing well with walking four miles a day but some heel problems have nixed long walks for me and I began gaining some weight back without my exercise. I switched to a recumbent stationary bike and yoga which really has helped get be back to losing again. Have you found an exercise you like doing every day?

KMH - 1:32AM UTC, Jun 26th 2010

Nashville, TN

Hi, Benita -- I have had a walking buddy for many years. Now that our kids are older we have started going to the Y which allows us more intense exercise. I think I would not have kept up with exercise if it weren't for her. Whoever gets home from work first calls the other and off we go. Even if I don't feel like exercising, I know she's waiting for me and I cannot let her down. We laugh sometimes because occasionally when we meet we both don't want to bother, but hey, we already have our tennis shoes on . . .

Find you an accountability buddy. It made all the difference in the world for me. Good Luck!


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DANCER - 8:47PM UTC, Jun 21st 2010

hI, start small by just opening the door and getting outside, walk to the gate, through there and onto the footpath, if you have music put your earphones on. and walk around your block
get back to the front gate and ask yourself "did that feel ok" and go around again. or, finish there and do the same tomorrow.

You have the right to be fit and healthy and only you can do it. You've heard all this before but I have a theory. I believe our brains - not our bodies are the ones at fault. Our brains like to be the boss and to say "just relax and watch TV and while you're at it have a snack", then the brain settles down to inactivity and just has to press the 'eat more' button - basically our brains would be lazy if we let them.

So alternatively I think we must retrain these brains, trick them, over-ride their ideas, take no prisoners when they suggest overeating or couch potato behaviour. Funny thing once you take your brain for a walk, it really enjoys it and lets you know that quite quickly but is a really slow learner so you have to be persistent and keep the routines going until at a point and ,this is just my thought for now, our brains actually think its THEIR idea to be fit and healthy and then I think, and again I am also waiting for this to happen. then I think we are on the home straight as far as changed behaviour is concerned.

over and out, and keep trying you will succeed.