One year anniversary

BMMAC - 1:30AM UTC, Apr 16th 2010

Had my physical today, one year to the week after my last one. Down 52 pounds for the 52 weeks, with drops in blood pressure and all sorts of good numbers. The doctor asked how I did it and I told him about CK and the exercises I'm doing including biking, pilates, hiking and jogging. I started out at 298 and for those that are struggling, KEEP CHIPPING AWAY at it! For me it helped to take the long view and focus on my calorie target and not my weight, in fact I hadn't been weighed since last years physical, so today I was very curious to see where I ended up. When I started the exercise part I walked for 20 minutes and built up from there. I've got more to go and I'll weigh myself a year from this week, and until then it's back to the CK and focusing on the numbers that count for me.

TJENS1 - 2:36AM UTC, Apr 23rd 2010

Southern California


I mainly walk and of course try to keep my calorie intake within the limits.
I try to walk about 2 miles during my lunch break. Some times I am better than other times. A couple of saturdays ago I walked about 4 miles. If the weather is fine, I hope to walk about 4 miles. I notice while I walk I get a calming attitude.

HW 374
CKSW 347
CW 313 - hope to break 300 this summer...

BMMAC - 7:13PM UTC, Apr 21st 2010

Great progress for you too. How are you doing it? I have found that now that my exercise levels have built up I can do much more. It meant I had to slowly increase though so I didn't over do it or get injured, and the variety has helped.

TJENS1 - 1:04PM UTC, Apr 21st 2010

Southern California


HW: 374
CKSW: 347 12/2009
CW: 315

2HOBBIT1 - 12:30PM UTC, Apr 18th 2010

Piggies - Satch, Cocco and Chewy

Way to go!!:clap::clap::clap:

Taking the long view is definitely worthwhile.


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CK: 170
CW: 161
GW: 145
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One day, One hour, One minute, One step at a time!

SCHMIDTD7 - 11:48PM UTC, Apr 16th 2010


Congratulations! keep going, you can do it
HW 162
CKSW 156
CW 147
GW 120

ALWAYSNYER - 7:33PM UTC, Apr 16th 2010


Wow! that's so great. I hope that a year from now I can say the same. Keep up the great work.