Over 50 men

PEACHTREE - 12:36PM UTC, Feb 19th 2014

I'm a 60+ man who lost 95 pounds using CK. Kept it off for 4 years. Have now put back on 12 lb., which makes me anxious. I'm looking for support as I try to get back down to my gw. I really do appreciate all the support in this group of mostly women CK members, but am wondering if there are any men as well who have gone through similar struggles.

CARRIE811 - 3:12PM UTC, May 16th 2014

Look up Dr. Simeon's 1967 Manuscript on 'Pounds & Inches'. It works twice as well for men as it does for women! I lost 13 pounds in 3 weeks and have kept it off so far... starting another round in a few weeks. There has been additional research on HCG to bring it up to 500-700 calories now for 21 days, but it's super and I swear by it now! It's the only thing that's worked for me... I use the synthetic teeny tinty pellets (they're easy to get at the apotheke here in Germany). I just joined this group today and my first blog is here as well (I had the Bariatric surgery back in 2008 as well). Mega-Cheers and Blessings on your journey to get to the size you want! -Carrie