Slow progress

TLHUBERT1 - 2:13AM UTC, Jan 13th 2014

Hi, I've been in the CK since October. I've lost up to 9 lbs on CK since I started the program in October, however the Holidays came and went and so did my 9 pounds loss. I'm right back where I started at, three months later. Discouraging. I know what I'm doing wrong. I'm letting my food craving impulses get the best of me and I find myself eating whenever I get down, or even happy, any emotion at all. I know that I can lose weight, I lost 30 pounds on a previous weight loss program. But I have not lost any more weight since then. I don't know what happened to my motivation. It's still lingering in my head somewhere!! I need to kick start to get my weight loss and boost my motivation. I know if I can get past this slump, I will have renewed motivation to keep at it. Any ideas?

MILESD77 - 12:57AM UTC, Jan 16th 2014


For a long time, I was unable to lose weight and still eat emotionally. I find that if I measure the food that I am eating, I can count the calories better. I have a scale and a measuring cup in the kitchen and everything I eat gets weighed/measured and logged. This counting and measuring helps me keeps my calorie count down. I have been using the 5:2 diet where two days per week one eats 800 calories(the book says 600). So on Monday and Thursday I eat 800 calories-usually waiting until lunch or early afternoon to eat about half-then dinner. On Tuesday and Wednesday I eat the Calorie King recommended calories. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday I do not have to worry as much about calories. On Saturday I can eat a big lunch and a big dinner. I still need to have a day when I can eat and feel full. So, that's what has been working for me since Jan 1st. I had been putting on weight for about 3 months and starting the fast days means that I have no longer been putting on weight. Importantly, if I get stressed to eat, I microwave a mug of hot water and drink it. Or decaf coffee. Just drink cups of water instead of eating.

Last Edited: 12:58am UTC, January 16th 2014