Starting over again

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Just wanted to know if anyone is still on this group. I would love online support. I am 56yrs old and want to lose 50# by May 2014. I am planning a trip to Florida and would love to be lighter. I would love someone else in my age group to connect with to stay on program.

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Hi, I am in this group and am 58 years young. It is good to have a goal to work towards! I find that I can lose about a pound a week or 3 pounds a month when I am logging my food and watching what I eat. I have lost over 40 lbs in the program over time this way.

Lately, though, its been a lot of holiday food and I've been gaining. Need to get back on track. I find it is easier to lose weight than to maintain. Last year I lost 35 lbs, but gained 20 back in the fall.

How much weight do you usually lose in a week when following the CK calorie requirements? Are you logging daily and measuring the food or thinking about portions? I just ordered a kitchen scale and have a measuring cup. When I am on track and know exactly what is going in and count the calories properly (and don't go over), I have been able to lose weight-from 1 to 2 lbs. a week. I'd be glad to touch base with you here and also recommend that you go to the top of the page: click on Community/Forums/Member Chat. This is an ongoing group where people are continuing to work on their programs and interact daily. There is also a "Find a Buddy" section.

Glad you are back!

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