The Weight is Coming Off. Finally!

YVONNEL - 10:54PM UTC, Sep 26th 2009 View users public blog

Castro Valley, California

I joined calorie king in June and have finally lost 5 pounds. Yes, I could have worked a harder but got discouraged regularly when I had done well and the scale didn't budge. I kept going, realizing that the weight just doesn't want to come off once you're over 50. So, hand in there. Keep doing what you're doing. Step it up, even if you don't want to and it will come off. Eventually!

SUSANKIF - 7:06PM UTC, Nov 6th 2009


Good luck PSF with slow weight changes in the right direction. It sounds as if you are headed towards losing weight at your set calorie target so be encouraged.:)

PSF - 5:13AM UTC, Nov 4th 2009

I too am seeing no change at my weigh-in but how can that be? I'm logging daily and have only gone over my target 3 days (and still less than 1300 calories on those days) out of 5 weeks. I've been doing great. I'm eating 5-6 times a day, high protein and only whole grains or veggies. very little fruit and no sweets. This is not a huge change. I've always eaten pretty healthy choices, but just more calories. So if I do the math, I was gaining at 1800-2000 cals, so I should be loosing now In the end, I feel good and proud of myself. My only option is to quit trying and I can't do that. I can't eat less nor exercise more so this slow rate of weight loss will have to do. I don't know if I can sustain this without some pay-off, but to give up means to gain weight. I feel trapped and betrayed about what I think is supposed to happen but it's not.

MARIE92857 - 2:38AM UTC, Oct 16th 2009

keep up the good work one day at a time just keep that picture in your mind of success.:thumbu2:


DHREILLEY - 12:24AM UTC, Oct 15th 2009

Atlanta, GA

I have had some success counting calories with CK and exercising (mainly treadmill) 4 times a week. I have a 15y.o. daughter left at home and she has been very supportive of my efforts! The wake-up call for me was being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes end of May 2009. 10 years from now I don't want my health to be so poor I can't enjoy what life has left for me! Still want to lose to I keep going....

Atl, GA
8/3/2009 CKSW= 225
10/5/2009= 209.5

SANDWEDGE - 12:02AM UTC, Oct 15th 2009

Wilmington NC

20lbs at 68 is great motivation for me!

SANDWEDGE - 12:00AM UTC, Oct 15th 2009

Wilmington NC

I'm probably the oldest person to join this group (69)! I have spent my life gaining and losing, all the way from 119 to 182. I'm hoping that this will be my last attempt to a constant reasonable weight of 144. This is my first day looking at the site and I'm excited to try this.
I'm happy and healthy, but my caloric needs are limited and it's so easy to eat more.
Good luck to you all.:inlove1:

GJOHN2233 - 12:50AM UTC, Oct 9th 2009

Hello everybody, I jioned calorie king on-line in September of this year. I noticed that my weight was continuing to climb. I had done weight watchers in 2003 and went from 150 lbs. to 122 lbs. I was able to maintain my weight for a few years. But since I turned 50 (I'll be 53 next month), I have to push myself to exercise, and to be disciplined enough to count my calories. Hot flashes wear me out. I am determined to lose the weight and keep it off this time. Any suggestions?

MARIE92857 - 1:22AM UTC, Sep 29th 2009

Hi, Yvonnel I aggree with you it is a lot harder once you are over 50. We just need to keep going forward and make the change otherwise we will be right back were we started. I know it can be done I have a friend who just hit her 20 lb mark she is 68 she did not give up, we can do it:thumbu2: