The first week

BOBR1949 - 3:40PM UTC, Jan 9th 2010


I don't know if anyone else is doing this, but I've pretty much eaten normally this first week and used the stats to determine where I need to change to get down to 2000 calories a day. So far I can see that I need to cut out the deserts I've been having after lunch and dinner. I also am having a problem with getting enough protein and too much fat. I think I'll work on the protein by having a hard-boiled egg for breakfast. I'll change my noon lunchmeat to something more healthful.


MZSWEET - 8:50PM UTC, Jan 26th 2010

This is great.... I was doing something similar and feeling very guilty that I was not following exactly the recommended calorie amount, failing already in my efforts, even though I did manage to loose 2 lbs already - - I figured that was just those 'easy' flex pounds.
(: (:
So, now I a little encouraged that what I was doing is not wrong, but that I just need to continue to challenge myself to start with the easy things to cut down and cut out then graduate to more later.

Thanks for your notes

THINNANCY - 1:15AM UTC, Jan 10th 2010

I did something similar about 5 years ago with Weight Watchers (unfortunately gained a lot back when I quit smoking). Anyway, I thought I was starving with the low "points" I had to maintain. So I counted how many "points" I was eating prior to starting the program. As it turned out, I was eating 3x more than I was supposed to be eating.

What I did was very similar to what you did, I started to cut out the foods I knew I could live with out. Even though I was still way over my allotment, I started to lose weight. Eventually I was only eating in my point range.

If your body is used to X amt of calories a day and you start to cut down, you will lose weight even if you stay above that target for a short time. Once you stop losing, cut some more out, etc.