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3RIVERSGAL - 4:49PM UTC, Mar 20th 2010

Washington State

When you get discouraged and need a powerful reminder of your goal to lose weight, what's your most successful personal strategy?
Mine is to go to a favorite clothing store and find I can now wear clothes in the Misses section, instead of the Womens section, again.
Why can't manufacturers offer the same attractive styles in sizes from 6 to 24?
Three Rivers Gal, Washington State

SCHMIDTD7 - 12:30AM UTC, Mar 29th 2010


I like the success stories too as well as looking forward to new clothes. A big incentive for me right now is getting in a swim suit this summer because we go to the lake every weekend.

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BJHERE - 2:29PM UTC, Mar 26th 2010

Somewhere out there

I like to read the success stories.

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TENACITY - 6:19PM UTC, Mar 20th 2010

Ontario Canada

In many cases they do...but we all know that ...That same cute style will not look the same on everyones body. We must attain that for ourselves...:-) Congratulations on your weightl loss successes.
Stay Well, Stay Fit, Stay Focused

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