Tracking food

TMULLOW1 - 12:30PM UTC, Aug 12th 2009


I need encouragement to stay focused with tracking food. I did great the first three months, not a pound a week, but weight loss. I have gained about 3 lbs back. I am very close to my goal weight and I find it very difficult to stay focused.

MARIE92857 - 8:31AM UTC, Sep 19th 2009

:talking: Keep that picture of your success in you mind and a not paid with all the time glue a clipping of a dress or a pair of jeans with the new size on them in the note book. Write you are a success on the pages or on the cover. Don’t give up you are to close.:thumbu2:


ERYN82 - 9:13AM UTC, Aug 29th 2009

It is a known fact that there are periods your body needs to take time to adjust and catch up with the scale. Staying focused is the hardest thing to do. You can do it. Try not to concentrate so much on the scale's number and concentrate on eating well for your health and the number's will go down. Keep up the great work!

LAWNDIVA - 4:56AM UTC, Aug 23rd 2009

Hi, Stay focused, it's always harder when you are close to your goal. But isn't that a happy problem!

I just joined. 51 and wanting to come in to the second half healthy. Hopefully this will be the last time I lose the weight. I like this system it does make me think about the food I eat. And seeing the nutrition breakdown keeps the focus on health and not eatting a lot of low calorie food filled with chemicals. Today I went to a party with my spouse, where I did not know anyone. I was able to really keep to my game and only have veggie's no dip, and some of the main course, no alcohol. It feels good to be in control again.

Good to meet you all, hope this board does stay active, I could use the support. Cindy