Try Yoga

JANNABELLE - 7:11PM UTC, Jan 29th 2011


If you have even a little space in front of the TV, you can get a tape and do yoga. Very wonderful for us "over 50" folks - can really increase your flexibility & give you some peace and serenity as well. What my husband and I have found out since passing 50 is that daily exercise - of any type - is a must in order to lose or maintain a healthy weight. The other thing that becomes clear is that any kind of belly fat is not only unattractive, but very unhealthy. When I was younger I wanted to be fit and trim to look better - now I want that for health's sake. My 81 year (young) mother exercises daily - treadmill, rowing machine, Wii Fit, etc. I want to be like her when I grow up! :$:thumbu2:

MECHDONNA2 - 6:16PM UTC, Feb 7th 2011


I was so upset when I found out I was NOT measuring my waist. I thought I was less 35 inches, but I was measuring above the waist. I am supposed to measure at the belly button. So, I have to work harder to get below the danger zone for women.

My husband will not exercise. It is scary, since it is so important to keep off the belly fat.


KHEPBURNWANNABE - 9:23PM UTC, Jan 30th 2011

Thanks okielady and jannabelle for the hello , I'll try the rice cakes. I've lost 6 lbs this first week and though most of that must be water, I'll take it! I'm impressed with that hour a day x 4 days of exercise............good for you. Newbies rock!:clap:

OKIELADY32 - 6:26PM UTC, Jan 30th 2011


I am a Newbie also. I am just like you - - - I can't eat one of anything or I eat all of it. Good luck on your advevnture with CK.:wave1:

JANNABELLE - 11:39PM UTC, Jan 29th 2011


Do you like rice cakes? The carmel corn and chocolate ones can satisfy your sweet tooth, and are fat free and fairly low in calories. I also find good old popcorn helps me get through a "wannabe binge" (Orville Redenbacher smart pop with spray on butter is great!). I know that I often times eat because I'm bored. If you feel "hunger" coming on and yet you know that you shouldn't be - grab a big glass of ice water or iced tea, and get your hands doing something busy. One of my friends likes to knit and crochet to keep busy - hard to munch on things when you're doing that! Welcome - I'm also fairly new. (AT least in an active way.) I joined in July for a year, and yet didn't do much with it until 1/10/11. So far so good - I'm down about 2 pounds a week, and have been exercising faithfully for an hour a day at least 4 days a week. Good luck!:wave1:

KHEPBURNWANNABE - 11:24PM UTC, Jan 29th 2011

Hi, everyone,
I'm 58, live in N. California and have just started with WW and Calorie King. I can see how helpful it is to keep a food diary. My most difficult times are at work in the afternoon, especially when it's stressful, and the home baked cakes/cookies that my co-workers bring in very frequently, they "call to me". I find I can't eat ANY of it or I'm "a goner". One brownie=12 brownies. I have a husband, 3 cats, a serious book habit and a strong desire to feel better, look better, and lose @ 40 to 45 lbs. I think I know the "how". it's maintaining focus and motivation that's hard, when progress is slow (I'm not the only one?:). I've read all the posts and it's nice to know there are other women out there working on the same stuff.
CW 202,
GW 165

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