Update from TENACITY

TENACITY - 6:07PM UTC, Mar 20th 2010

Ontario Canada

Well it has been a while since my very first posting...the one that you read when first joined the group.
I am very happy to say that I am now at 135.6 lbs with 6.4 lbs remaining until I achieve my goal weight. :-) The CK Program has been exactly the tool that I have needed to meet, (very nearly meet) my weight/health goals). I had slipped away from my regular activity of noting my intake for a while, just to see if I could maintain and continue to lose the remaining lbs.
Well, it was a great tactic! I found that I had maintained quite nicely,... for a while! Fortunately U maintained my weigh in times, because it became evident that I was becoming a little too careless with my eating patterns. I had gained between 3 to 4 lbs !!!!
Needless to say I returned to my daily documentation and I am pleased to say that I am back on track!
As a Registered Nurse and someone that knows about the pitfalls of menopause I can honestly say that CK is definitely a fantastic tool to manage your current weight issues, and achieve your goals!!!!!!! Just because "it is the norm" to put on weight because our metabolism slows down, or because our hormones play havoc with us, it does not have to be "YOUR NORM"!!
Continue to chip away at those pounds use your CK Program and sculpt the magnificient work of art that lays beneath those unwanted pounds !!
I wish you all Perseverance and Good Health!
Stay Well, Stay Fit, Stay Focused

SW / 159 CW / 136 GW / 130