Weather challenges

NTHOM1111 - 2:20PM UTC, Apr 29th 2010


I moved to Nebraska this year and I love it here. I thought I could just "get tough" and bundle up to face whatever weather there was to take my dog on long walks every day like I did in California. All summer I had to get up before sunrise to beat the heat but I did it. I don't know why I am hitting a wall here.

Today is windy and I hate the wind. A lot of days are windy here. I am pretty sure that if I put on my hooded sweatshirt and wore lotion on exposed skin, that I could still enjoy my walks. Even on rainy days, it doesn't rain all day and I could bundle up for that too.

Anyone else "toughing it out"? Or do you all exercise inside on not-so-perfect days?

LLOVETOGOLF - 12:34PM UTC, May 9th 2010


I am also a newbie, have been on the program for a month and only lost 1 pound.
Joined cause I am stuck on the last 10 pounds that I would like to shed. Now since the warm weather is here and we have a swimming pool , I like to look good in m bathing suit.
I am 57 years old and am thinking that it's my age that is stopping me LOL that I know has to be an excuse.
I do love to walk and go to the gym, but I am having some health problems that has slowed me down.

NTHOM1111 - 2:12PM UTC, May 2nd 2010


No good malls for walking here. Small town, small malls. The library has a track in the basement that gets used for walking. I will make it a point to go look at it today.

Thanks for the ideas.

NTHOM1111 - 2:09PM UTC, May 2nd 2010


Right after I wrote that message, I put on my hooded sweatshirt and took my dog for a walk to the river. We stayed away from trees (wind) and with my hood up, the wind wasn't such a problem. I really enjoyed it. I am looking for a lighter weight wind breaker with a hood but it was better than working out indoors.

MATT253 - 3:55PM UTC, Apr 30th 2010

Do you have a mall that you can walk in. We have one its like a race track it goes all the way around and they open early in the morning for people who walk. No rain, wind except when you go from your car to the mall. Also park far from the entrance gives some extra walking.:bye:

BMMAC - 2:43AM UTC, Apr 30th 2010

I find it nearly impossible to exercise inside versus outside. Living in California helps, but I will work out indoors only as an absolute last resort. I'll get up early in the morning or go out at night and bundle up if need be. Good luck and do what works best for you!