What works for you?

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I'm new as of yesterday and exploring.

I am finding that Gluccomannan and Well BetX fiber pills are really really helpful in helping me curb my appetite. Just make sure to load up on water.

I can't curb my habit of eating late at night however..... any suggestions? Good bedtime foods?

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Not eating after 7pm... ouch - I would not be able to get to sleep. I can't sleep when I am hungry and I don't lose much weight unless I am hungry part of the time.
I am better at exercising because I like it, generally.

Gluccomannan you can buy just about anywhere on the internet. It really works when you remember to take it, which I haven't since I posted.

In fact since I posted way back in August, I suddenly had to move my household. All that moving pulled 7 pounds off of me. It was grueling.

TZUMUMSY - 6:55AM UTC, Nov 23rd 2008

Late night eating was always an issue for me as well. I developed chronic acid reflux in the last year and it has pretty much cured me, and not worth risking! Had laryngitis for 7 weeks last year, caused by the reflux, and throat damage which required visits to an ENT specialist. Also developed a chronic cough at night, that I was being treated for in many other ways, without knowing the cause was reflux. It has changed my voice permanently--sound a bit like my grandmother when she was 96! All in all, a lot of risky discomfort for late night snacking. Hope you can talk yourself into not eating after 7:00pm or so. Good luck!

LIVINGHEALTHY - 3:13AM UTC, Oct 27th 2008

Hi, I'm 60 and trying to get back to my normal weight of 137. I started CK in July 2008; SW 210, CW 192. I'm making progress, except for having the flu 3 weeks ago, still trying to recover. I have a few rules for me: (1) write in my food journal; (2) repeat my affirmations out loud many times while driving to work; (3) take my lunch to work with me, I even have a pink linen napkin, newspaper to read, salad with spray dressing, etc. (very good!); (4) I re-read the little CK books just to remind myself of the benefits constantly; (5) I never eat or drink anything past 6 or 7 p.m. I'm a lifetime member of Weight Watchers and learned that I need my uninterrupted sleep to recharge my batteries, and to get that I don't drink any fluids after 5 or 6 p.m. so I don't have to get up and go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. So, I included food with that rule. There are exceptions but they are few. I make an effort to think positive and it works. I have my challenges but I'm happy if I lose between 1 - 2 pounds per week. I also do not deny myself, just make sure I don't overdo it. I weighed 1/2 ounce of cashews today and enjoyed chewing them slowly. Tell me about your successes... Julie

TENACITY - 4:14AM UTC, Aug 16th 2008

Ontario Canada

Hello There..

Welcome to the group, and thanks for sharing that tidbit of helpful info. Where do you buy these little fellas?


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