Will I finally tackle my weight in my fifties?

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Glendora, CA

Hi everyone,
I just joined CK. I turned 52 back in September, so I am more than qualified to be part of this! I lost 40 pounds two years ago, but gained back 20. I was diagnosed with borderline diabetes at the time and was seeking a lo-carb solution to get the weight off and lower my overall sugar intake. I worked with Dr. Peter Vash at UCLA. He is a fantastic endocrinologist and did help me, but I literally got sick of eating and drinking protein bars and shakes. I can barely look at any sort of shake now. I do eat protein bars for breakfast because they are convenient. I am starting to go through the Big M (can anyone guess what THAT is??) and notice a larger than usual midriff bulge. Ugggh! It feels even worse for me since I have more of an apple shaped body and my abs area has always been a bad spot. It is possible for me to finally tackle my weight in my fifties? I need some encouragement from other 50-somethings. CK is helping me stay on track so far, otherwise I'll eat mindlessly. Kristina

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Silverdale Wa

to be honest, I just focus on my choices and leave my husband have his. I dont cook differently for each of us, just put healthy food on the table. alternative is restaurant. And, really, after 28 yrs, Lee has learned to enjoy the food that I prepare more than that he finds out.

But I refuse to be a food nazi! it doesnt work and sets up rebellion, hostility and usually, in my case, I join rather than fight in the end. Eat a well balanced diet and the treats will be less tempting. keep the water intake up. and my all time secret weapon: I pray, alot. Betty

MECHDONNA2 - 2:02PM UTC, Jan 1st 2011


Happy New Year!

My husband has gained weight, so I am not in your situation as far as that goes. But, he is not as motivated as I am about our having healthier eating habits. For example, one day he said we should get two boxes of chocolates and have a race to see who finishes their box first. Although he was kidding, he will eat treats brought into the office.

I have decided to look after myself and not nag him. I think that my setting a good example should help him get on track.

If I were in your situation, I would sit down and have a heart-to-heart talk with my husband. I would explain how hard it is for me to lose weight, and I need his support. He does not gain weight, but he should be eating healthier. He should not bring sweets into the home. Can he eat them outside of the home, until you feel that you can eat them safely in moderation?

I am no expert, but that is what I would do.

PONYGIRL1959 - 7:50PM UTC, Dec 30th 2010

Hello, I'm 51 years old, so I think I can be a member of this group. I would love to lose about 70 lbs. I have been doing Atkins because I too believe that once you hit 50 it is important to watch your carbs and increase your protein. I have lost 6 lbs in the past two weeks, but I cannot take all the fat and meat. I'm already burned out. I would love some support while I try to balance my fat, carbs and protein. I have two grown children 26 and 22 and 2 beautiful grandchildren Camden (5) and Ty (3). One of my obstacles is my husband. He is one of those people who can eat whatever they want and never gain. And he loves his cream and butter and sweets. Any suggestions on who to get around that?

MECHDONNA2 - 2:49PM UTC, Nov 28th 2010


Hi, Betty,

Did you have a good Thanksgiving? After my six-day vacation and Thanksgiving week, I have not been exercising. I will get back to it this week. It sure is easy to take breaks and hard to get the exercise habit back.

Are you still getting your exercise?


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Silverdale Wa

Been about a week. how's it going? Plans for Thanksgiving? Betty

MMARNER2 - 5:34PM UTC, Nov 20th 2010

I believe low carb to be the answer I have type 2 diabeties and was on lots of meds I gained 30 lb but i couldn't diet cuz my blood sugar would drop if i didn't eat and eat so I talked to the doc and left the meds in July I have lost 35 lbs and am still off the meds I have to get my blood work 12/6 will see what doc says but for now I test 3 times a day and all looks good

MECHDONNA2 - 1:08PM UTC, Nov 19th 2010



Welcome to the group! Yes, we must make the most of our fifties! It is a funny feeling when your body shape slowly changes and one day you realize that you have no waist!

You have lost a large amount of weight before, so you are doing better than many people! Keep up the good work.


CBROOKES - 2:02AM UTC, Nov 18th 2010

San Diego

Hi Kristina,
Welcome! It sure seems like as soon as we hit the big M, our stupid metabolism slows down and we gain weight just looking at food. Our fifties should be fabulous! I plan to start having a lot of fun as soon as I am more comfortable with my looks (and have more self confidence).
Keep in touch!

"The road to success is dotted with many tempting parking places"

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Silverdale Wa

Hi there, welcome to the only plan that works! Dr Vash was on to something: the key to weigh loss is to defeat insulin resistance. the calorie king program works, not be eliminating carbohydrate but by moderating total calories and balancing food choices accordingly, using better food choices and by the big E - exercise. I am 68 with a big middle that is finally melting - slowly, but it is steady. :smile1:

I love this program. check out all the features, make a few friends, blog if you have a mind to, and above all, join a challenge. I love the one by Softspoken where the group adds their exercise minutes to try for a group goal of 10K per week. It has gotten me off my bed earlier and onto the treadmill faithfully - and the scales show it. :laugh5:

I know about the big M. Insulin resistance becomes a bigger issue then when we were young. It is still possible to get those 20 lbs off. You can do it:thumbu2::thumbu2::thumbu2: