Will be 50 in a few days!!!

WHITNEYKT - 6:17AM UTC, Jul 10th 2009


Hi all! July 20th I will be 50 . . . gag!! I have been with CK for a few years now but, I am on/off it. Lately, I've been off. And, because of it, I have gained a lot of what I had lost. :( I'm not happy about it!!! But, having said that . . . I still don't seem to want to do anything about it. :( I do . . . but I can't seem to get into a routine. I've recently started to sell AVON, I keep my grandson a couple days a week, I have gardens to plant (new house) and a new house to keep clean. That seems to take up all my time. I think that I've covered about all of my EXCUSES. ;) I used to be good at time managment . . .but, lately, I really SUCK at it!! Which is part of my problem with eating. I can't seem to fit it in . . . I either don't eat, eat out or eat WAY too much.

Anyway, just thought I'd come say "HI" . . . hi Tommy!!!

:love: TX Karen

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What have you done today to make yourself feel proud?

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ERYN82 - 9:23AM UTC, Aug 29th 2009

I agree with TX Karen...You have to decide why you want to be healthy and it has to be for you and not anyone else. Not for the New Year, not for a wedding, not for your spouse/mate or because there are others around you that want to lose weight. It has to be for YOU! If you put your mind to it you will succeed!...I too quit smoking just recently...I am very proud of myself....I think quitting smoking was labor and delivery...I am now past that crazy stage and moving into the stage of what to do to stay QUIT..I decided to watch what I eat and so far I have been able to work out at the gym 3 days a week successfully. I find when I work out I am not as hungry and most of all I do not want to smoke:):) Wishing good Luck and keep up the great work...

PBR3 - 8:24PM UTC, Jul 16th 2009

Outside Atlanta GA

TX Karen - you CAN do it but you need to figure out why you want to do it. Hopefully it's for yourself and for your health. Once you figure out why you'll be able to do it. I didn't really care about gaining weight the last few years so I kept eating. Now I'm glad I have an exercise routine (well fairly routine anyway) and also watching what I'm eating. I feel better and I do think I look better. I actually think I've got a waist again!

You CAN do it. Think about why you want to do it and then go for it.:)