artificial sweetners?

DRSMOM - 12:07AM UTC, Jan 24th 2014

Does the recent (to me) news that artificial sweeteners are full of toxicity and
cause side effects from ringing of the ears to organ failure have merit?
I really don't care for diet pop, but do have at least a daily flavored sparkling water
with sweetener in it. When I was on WW I spent a lot of effort trying to "cheat" the diet
by using Splenda, etc. The end result was that when I quit, I still had my sweet tooth.
How do you deal with those cravings? The only way for me is to not have it in the house.

SHARONHARMS - 1:26PM UTC, Jul 30th 2014

South Carolina

Has anyone tried the Tuvia sweetener? I have read that it is supposed to be more healthy for you because it is made from plants. I just wonder what it tastes like.

I don't want to spend money until I know it is good.

RAEDENEA - 1:09AM UTC, Mar 3rd 2014

i found a fiber one brownie that is 90 it helps when you have a sweet tooth. i also like the carmel corn rice cakes, or the apple cinnimon ones, they take the edge off if you want something sweet. as for something good to drink i like fruit 2 o natural strawberry its has natural flavor o cals they also have other flavors hope this helps

MILESD77 - 2:22AM UTC, Jan 31st 2014


I have found a lowfat, lower sugar, 100 calorie fudge bar by Healthy Choice that helps. It has sugar alcohols in it for sweetness. I eat Splenda on cereal and in coffee and do not keep candy or ice cream in the house either. Sometimes, a naval orange tastes great and solves the sweet craving or an apple in the microwave helps. I try to stay away from refined sugar because it makes me hungry and I end up overeating.