calorie target

ANN3796 - 12:47AM UTC, Apr 20th 2008

I am targeting 1200-1400. I am wondering what everyone else is doing. I went to a gym and had my resting metabolic rate done and it was 1,364. So, they think that i should be eating at least 1600 calories. I can't believe I will lose weight on that. Any advice?

LADYLIGHT57 - 9:10AM UTC, Apr 22nd 2008

North Carolina, USA

Anne, I think you could try eating up to that range, as long as you are exercising. What I've found is that what I eat is as important as how much. If I'm eating whole grains, plenty of protein at each meal or snack and very little to no sugar, I drop weight easier than if my diet is including sugary things or any white flour through out the day. Everyone's body is different, sometimes you just have to experiment with what works for you. For some people, eating on the high end of their calories one or two days a week is okay, but not every day.


ZELDA - 1:54AM UTC, Apr 20th 2008

I tried to keep at 1200 but found it to hard. I now am 1500 and loose a half a pound a week. slow but steady. took 20 years to gain and my habits have to change. that takes time.. You can do it.