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EDIDAVIS - 4:38PM UTC, Sep 27th 2010

I have fought my weight all my life. I have lost and gained 70 lbs at least 4 times, 20 lbs over 10 probably. I guess if I hadn't kept trying I would now weigh waaay more than i do. But I work night shift now and have started power walkin in the last 2 months and still haven't lost, I feel so depressed. If i could just get below 200 I think i could feel more motivated. I am not giving up, but need some encouragement. I've been a nurse for 28 years and need to keep my health up so I need to be deligent in this. Thanks for listening, dianed

SHER - 12:09PM UTC, Nov 18th 2010

Nursing & eating right are VERY difficult! Even when I get a lunch break, it's not a REAL break, because if your pt starts having a problem or the Dr. needs some questions answered, there goes your so called break! I learned to bring healthy "bite-sized" items to munch on while I'm charting, etc........I know that's not supposed to be an eating place, but working 12 hr's w/o a break is too rough! Also, those nights are rough, but I find it worse to swing shifts......I'd rather be steady to develop a routine; I could never eat before I went in, so a whey smoothie or hard boiled eggs would help me through. Those carbs are sooooo tempting @ 4am so be prepared.

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Silverdale Wa

hey, How are you, have you been working the program? hope so, and hoping you are having success in meeting the goals. the numbers follow at their own pace. Finally dropped below my personal ceiling this morning and am celebrating. if you havent seen any change, just keep up the pace and you will. it took me two months to get here!:talking:

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Silverdale Wa

Oh, Yes: Walmart has Danskin Shoes on sale this week, at least our local does. they have rocker sole on them and really help with low back pain. and with thinning down calf muscles. B

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Silverdale Wa

:y:how's it going? life is looking a bit brighter. have been faithful with the food plan and exercise but the weight wasnt dropping. spent a day resting - yeah! resting. I read 1/2 a good book and did nothing more strenuous than turn the page - did get the 3 mile walking in, however. felt good, rested well last night and this am: Viola! 3 lbs down that pesky water in my ankles gave up residence. of course by this afternoon the fluid is back, but at least I had the pleasure of stepping on the scale at less than the week before!

DANETTESMITH - 2:43PM UTC, Oct 10th 2010

When I worked night shift the workers wanted a buffet every night! Also when I got home in the am I ate breakfast then went to sleep! Planning your meals and treating yourself occassionally is helpful. Keep up the good work of walking! Set small immediate goals for can do it!:laugh5:

KATHY60 - 12:04AM UTC, Oct 9th 2010


UGH! Night shift. It can be really hard to manage your weight. I did it for 7 years. I know it's where I developed my habit of going to the refridgerator instead of going to bed when I'm tired. Are you working full time? The latest research states that adequate sleep is really important for weight loss/ maintenance. I am happy to support you in any way that I can.
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Silverdale Wa

thanks for your post., I am happy to be a support for you and would like to be your friend. Maybe we can get through this together. Betty