ZELDA - 10:59PM UTC, Apr 9th 2008

57..and it is.... hard to loose. i have little muscle and what i have droops. oh well, We can do this. No more bikines........Not even a one piece but slowly we older girls will loose and maybe we will wear a one piece again without a towel around us I have gained 50 lbs in 20 years.

VIRGINIAB - 11:11PM UTC, May 5th 2008


Hi All,
Gravity is a problem if you have lost a lot of weight and you are over 50. :(

I do exercise and my arm muscles are good. However, the dreaded bat wings are not going away. My skin will not bounce back. I was upset for a while and then I realized I have lost a lot of weight and can fit into some really cute tops that cover my 'problem' area. :)

I'm happy for those of you who had not gained enough weight to cause a permanent stretching of your skin. :clap:

Had I only known when I was younger!:bang:

Such is life!

ZELDA - 9:56PM UTC, Apr 14th 2008

i have been here for for 4 weeks. I found this sight on temple university obesity sight. I go once a week to get weighed. I had surgery in november and dec. I have a bad back..sometimes it hurts to walk. I am going to physical therapy I love your dog. His name???Slowly the weight is coming off. 5 lbs in a month....I love to garden,love to weed and do laundry (not putting it away.) Was a teacher many years ago. I miss it. Husband is a prof. at temple and my son is finishing his freshman year. He is moving to an apt. end of may. Less junk in the house. My husband loves desert. I thiink the miracle suit is the best. may I put you on my friend list. We "mature woman" need to stick together............ susan

TENACITY - 4:03AM UTC, Apr 14th 2008

Ontario Canada

Hi Zelda..

Nice to have you with us!

What do you mean no more bikini??? Sure you can....Just a little (well maybe a LOT) of patience and perseverance for us!!

As for the muscle...MUSCLE HAS MEMORY!...and no that isn't a really does. So I'm sure that at one time in your life there was muscle is still there...keep on'll find it again...I'm finding mine!

As for the droopy skin...all that takes is excercise...excercise and more exercise...and YES YOU CAN DO ITI!!

I know how easy it is to put on the weight..when I moved away from the city and the gym and all my near by haunting grounds I gained too. I gained 20 lbs because I got lazy....well in the past 6 weeks I have lost 8 lbs..and I haven't weighed in since last week because I am away from home scale available. But!!! I am still sticking to all the other parts of my committment to myself!

Documenting daily all the food and exercise ...AND ...maintaining and improving my exercise routine as my fitness improves, and it is improving!

I do know what you mean though...yes we have to work harder and longer and be more careful in our food choices. I am 55 this May...but I refuse to let time beat me up!

How long have you been a member Zelda?

Do you have a blog? .....

Stay in touch and....

Stay Well....Stay Fit ....and Stay Focused!!

Stay Well, Stay Fit, Stay Focused

SW / 159 CW / 152 GW / 135