hi new member here

RAEDENEA - 12:55AM UTC, Mar 3rd 2014

just wanted to say hi I am a 56 year old woman .and i know its alot harder losing weight now that i am older. but i started using calorie king program the 1st of jan.and i have lost 21 pounds. then i decided to join on line.i still need to loose alot more weight. but i am happy to be here online. hope to get to know a few of you , and maybe we can all help each other out. let me know if you want to be friends thanks

TLJ - 9:20PM UTC, Jul 21st 2014

What a cute cat! Hope you're doing well. I'm 59 and had difficulty losing weight until I started walking everyday & alternating weight lifting & yoga afterwards. I manage on 1250 cal target and have 19 more pounds to go to fit goal.

Good luck!

JAKIEBEAR - 3:22PM UTC, Mar 9th 2014


Would love to be your friend. Just email me on calorie king at jakiebear. I have been struggling for the last month to lose weight. I'm back on track now. Hope to hear from you.:hi: