hot flashes as theromogenics

JULIETTA - 3:37PM UTC, Mar 30th 2010

Portland, OR

My 2nd (and new) trainer said yesterday that hot flashes increase the metabolism because "it's all about thermogenics". This seems insane to me. Any thoughts?

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found this from a dr & a couple more that concur!!

Dr. Gregory Rogers says:
October 22, 2009 at 10:30 am
An additional factor in the sensation of hot flashes is not simply an increase in core temperature. There is also an alteration of blood flow.

You see, there is a larger blood vessel capacity than the actual blood volume. The body regulates this by meeping most blood vessels mildly constricted, funneling the blood to key areas when needed. For example, after eating a large meal, more blood is shunted to the gut, leaving less blood for the extremities. That is why it is not a good idea to swim right after eating, because with less blood flow, the leg muscles are more likely to cramp up.

During a hot flash, aside from the core temperature increase, there will bea response to open up the blood vessels in the skin, allowing more blood to flow there. This causes the visible flushing. Along with the oxygen and nutrient supply, blood carries a lot of the warmth of the body to various areas. The sudden rush of core blood to the skin is a key element in the hot flash syndrome.

Since the core temperature is monitored by the body, the loss of core temperature, as the blood flows to the skin, must be replaced, and that would be a source of calorie utilization, as the author correctly discusses.
hope this helps!!!!
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i've never heard of it but it sounds logical....thermagenics is based on internal body heat not external soooo....stands to reason that it actually may help!!!! don't think those hot flashes will make anyone thin but it may actually contribute to some calorie burning!!!lol!!! if i c anything on it i will get bak!! have a beautiful day beautiful people!!! peace to u & urz!!
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HDCRAZY - 2:26AM UTC, Mar 31st 2010


does sound really weird, but I would love to know too.

SWIMMER10 - 5:03PM UTC, Mar 30th 2010


Doesn't make sense to me either. That would mean on a hot summer day, everyone perspiring would have their metabolism revved up? I'm thinking it can't be so although it sure would be nice to have all these hot flashes come to some good!!!

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SCHMIDTD7 - 4:37PM UTC, Mar 30th 2010


I have no idea, but sounds weird to me too. I would like to know more

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