hurt my back

SALLYRK - 2:12AM UTC, Jan 22nd 2010

Had a good eating and posting day today....not the past 2 days. I fell and hurt my shoulder and wrenched my back on Tuesday evening. Have been pretty still trying to not make it worse. Not sure when I'm going to get back to walking as I was so I need to really be very careful about what I eat and just try to maintain until I can exercise again.

SCHMIDTD7 - 12:36AM UTC, Mar 29th 2010


Sorry to hear about your fall. Hope you are better soon.

2HOBBIT1 - 12:22PM UTC, Mar 28th 2010

Piggies - Satch, Cocco and Chewy


Pilates is a big help too when your feeling better. At this point I would only try some of the gentle stretching moves - nothing where your holding your legs up off the floor!

2HOBBIT1 - 12:19PM UTC, Mar 28th 2010

Piggies - Satch, Cocco and Chewy

Sorry to here of your fall. I've had back issues since I was a teenager. I have found a few things over time that can help - First is a good chiropractor for acute issues. Also as counter intuitive as it sound short duration gentle walking during a flair can actually help speed the healing. the more immobile you are the stiffer and more painful you become. I find that if I used a treadmill or a Nordic track for 5-10 minute periods every 1-2 hours when I'm at my worst that the kinks loosen up and I'm much straighter and in less pain. When I feel myself getting sore again I get up and move. It may hurt a bit when you first begin to move but for me it feels so much better in a minute or two. So much better than laying on a heating pad and waiting for the muscle relaxers and pain killers to work!

ROBINU2 - 7:45PM UTC, Jan 28th 2010

I hope you recover soon. I took a fall yesterday off a bar stool trying to lift too much into the cabinet above my oven. I will not be trying that again in this lifetime!! Luckily, I only ended up bruising the top of my foot and my ego. Must be a big bruise coming on my back side too. I am doing good this year so far. I want to get better at this program so I can go see what other members are eating and doing for exercise to keep it interesting for the long run.
Take care and count yourself healthy!!

BMMAC - 10:30PM UTC, Jan 24th 2010

Hang in there. I have a chronically bad back and have issues at least once a year. I've found pilates has really helped my back and I am able to do more and not have the problems I've encountered. Good luck and take the long view!

LYNNHERNANDEZ - 5:59PM UTC, Jan 23rd 2010

Somewhere between here and there

Good luck and hope you get better soon.

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