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SLIMGOODY - 1:11AM UTC, Dec 26th 2011

I'll be 55 in one week, just getting started with this program. Just looking for support from folks that understand the difficulty in losing weight as you age.

BMMAC - 2:49AM UTC, Jan 3rd 2012

Start slowly and gradually. Small victories at first, and my advice would be to do two things that may seem to contradict. One, stay in the present. Don't worry about the hills ahead, or tomorrows challenges, but enjoy today, this hour, the exercise NOW. The other is to take the long view. This will happen over time, and if you have a setback make it temporary. Enjoy the journey!

OFFICE1 - 7:52PM UTC, Dec 28th 2011

It is difficult but not impossible! Keep working your program and don't get stuck on failures. just keep going.