new to calorie King

MATT253 - 3:51PM UTC, Apr 30th 2010

hi everyone this is my first time doing calorie king. It is the hardest thing being 52 and trying to lose weight. I have just had some wake-up calls like I had heart afibulation in Nov. and I have a sever fatty liver that is giving me problems lately. I have lost 10 lbs in two weeks by doing a shake twice a day diet and abostluty no bread, pasta or red meat. the pain in my liver is starting to go away. My heart is in good shape so now I just need to better my health so I can get rid of all the pills I take. I also have type 2 diabetis. Blood sugar has been great since I started my change in the way I eat. I do really good with acountability when it comes to loosing weight. Now I just have to incorperate the exercise into my everyday life. It is hard because everything hurts because of the fibermialga, athritus and so on. Any tips for exercise would be great. well thank for listening. Terri:laugh5:

NTHOM1111 - 3:42PM UTC, May 13th 2010


Diet and tracking calories will do more for losing weight for you than exercise. Stick with your Calorie King diary every single day and be honest. Don't eat too few calories either.

Exercise is great for a lot of reasons but being in pain is not good reinforcement. I would suggest something fun like exercise in water (water aerobics, swimming, etc) check your local YMCA or ride a cruiser type bike with fat tires if you have good bike trails around. If you aren't sure if a bike would work for you, try renting one first. Hiking works for me, even if it is just around the city because I can walk for hours and not think about it actually being exercise if the surroundings are great. Kayaking (again rent first)? Dancing (try a class)? Exercise dance videos can be fun. There are chair dancing CD's that are easy on your body because all of them are done sitting down. Hope that gives you some ideas...