new to group tell me rules if any

PMINTPATTIE - 4:43PM PST, Jan 4th 2010

I enrolled prior to the end of 2009 but did not actually start until today. The day I am back from vacation. I can already tell it will be difficult to get in my water at first. I am also challenged in the exercise area as I have fibromyalgia and work full time. I commute so I lose 90 minutes a day with that and then my days are also 10 hours. I am determined to make progress..though it may be slow. I appreicate your support .. I am 62 :o:wave1:

CTCHERYL - 6:34AM PST, Feb 23rd 2010

I have started using Crystal Lite To Go packets. My water tastes really good so I don't have any problem drinking all of it. At night, I drink a 24 oz. bottle of plain water while I"m exercising.

RACHEL1 - 3:01AM PST, Feb 10th 2010

I also have trouble getting my water in and trying to get exercise in for the day. I work 12 hr days and have an hour commute each way. I try to sleep at least 6 hrs. I'm trying to get organized

PMINTPATTIE - 9:45AM PST, Jan 10th 2010

you guys are awesome and thanks so much for the encouragement. I had a car accident about 3 weeks ago and discovered I broke my foot. ( I knew it hurt for some reason:wave1:but anyway I am not getting in my exercise. Also discovering I love am working on that. I know I saw some recipes somewhere in calorie king...can someone help. I will report and confess weekly. I am missing those sweets..I love them.

PMINTPATTIE - 5:24PM PST, Jan 5th 2010

Did pretty good today stayed below calories but my fat is higher than should be..had a hamburger tonight..that is not a nightly thing..just home very late. I got all and more of my water in..:$

ROBINU2 - 12:25PM PST, Jan 5th 2010

Hi Pattie! I am new as well, but have used the CalorieKing book with much success. You sound like you have a full life going, but this will work for you if you stay with it. Good luck & talk to you soon, Robin