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Silverdale Wa

aviara: Hi and welcome. this program is great, just have to hang in. I am glad you found Zumba. It is great work out. I wish I could but (low back issues and lack of time). so for me it is the treadmill, every am. boring, but it is not part of my life: wake up, brush, feed cat, get on treadmill. But it works. to pass the time I started keeping track of miles. I have walked over 400 since first of the year. then in April I started a group challenge: a walk from Vancouver to Tiajuana. There are 8 of us in the group. one of the group does zumba. she tallies her time spent dancing and converts it to miles. minutes spent divided by 20 (her typical walking speed is 20 minute mile). You are invited to join us. you can find us under challenges: vancouver to tiajuana.

Keep in touch. Betty

SW 181, CKSW 179, CW 165.6, GW 140

Yellow faces are 5 lbs gone, blue faces are 5 lbs waiting to go.

DMC7650 - 7:28PM PDT, May 9th 2011

Hi Aviara, I found a treat that I really like and it's only 80 calories. There are called Dark Chocolate Granola Thins. Unfortunately they can be addictive. I will try your idea of mixed fruit with some yogurt for evg. snack.

VIRGINIAB - 10:09AM PDT, May 28th 2011


Hi Everyone,

Is there anyone in this group who posts on a regular basis? I'll keep checking in....I think a group dedicated to health and weight issues of the over 50 is a great idea.


PUTYTAT52 - 5:25PM PDT, Jun 3rd 2011

I am a newbie to CK and just found this forum. It looks perfect for me. I am 58 and live in the Rainy state of WA so outdoor activities are always wet. I still try to walk daily no matter how far but just do some walking. I also have walk away the pounds cd's and love them. I am also a night munchy girl and found eatting yogurt like Yoplait cups frozen takes me awhile to eat and seems to help my binges while watching TV. I hope this helps abit. I would be skinny if I didn't binge at night! Hard to break. Would love any idea's to help me also.:wave1:

MECHDONNA2 - 3:55PM PDT, Jun 28th 2011


Hi, Everybody,

I just remembered that I joined this group. Not much new to report. No weight loses. I am now working part-time as a cook. I have been since May 4. So far, I have gained a few lbs. I thought I would not gain since I am on my feet with no breaks. But, I must be eating the wrong foods.

My stomach has gone down some. Don't know why.

Welcome, Aviara and Putytat52!


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Silverdale Wa

the belly ball dissolves even when weight doest go down, sometimes the scale goes down and the belly ball remains unchanged. I dont have a clue why, just rule of cuz (it happens because is does). Any, the abdominal fat is actually a nasty hormone factory so getting it down is great! congratulations.

what kind of facility are you cooking in? betty

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Silverdale Wa

Hi Putytat - another Washingtonian here. You are right about the drippy days. I have a treadmill and that serves my needs. I get up, brush teeth, feed cat and jump on the treadmill.

It is boring, so much so, that I have started a group challenge to "walk" the Oregon Trail. consider joining us? go to blue bar on top. Click Community - Forums - Challenges and look for the Oregon Trail Challenge. each week let me know how many minutes you have exercised (or time if you are doing bike or elliptical that doesnt give distance). Love to have you.

So good luck. Betty

MECHDONNA2 - 7:31AM PDT, Jul 20th 2011


Hello, Group!

Betty, I will join the Oregon Trail Challenge. I can use the treadmill at the YMCA. I want to purchase one, but I have to get my husband on board with the idea.

I like the Dark Chocolate Granola Thins, too. I am able to eat just one! I can't do that with some food items.


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I have a good and different ab workout from my trainer. stand in front of something you can hold on too, just in case. Then tilt your pelvis forward. Then kick one leg back 15 times. Then do the other leg. Do three reps on each leg. The tilting pelvis makes the abs work too. Make sure your abs are tilted. You shouldn't be able to lift your leg up very high.

Let me know if this helps!

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Boulder City,NV/Vienna, Austria

The Oregon Trail looks like a great challenge. I'll have to check it out even though it might be hard to get actual distance here in Vienna. Everything is in meters and I can't find my pedometer. Guess I'll have to find a sports store to get a new one.

I'm a 53 yo woman who finds it very hard to lose weight and have for about the last five years. I joined CK in 2008 and this last time started to lose in 2009. But I come and go and this time I need to stick around. I need to lose all this weight and get 100% healthy again. The only health issue I have is the weight but it won't be for long if I dont' start losing.

I'm hoping to share truimphs and trials here.