posting exercise

AKASHA - 12:13AM UTC, Jan 14th 2010

middle USA

Hi ya all! I will be 60 in August, so I guess I fit in here! I am very new to CK and I haven't figured out how to post exercises I have done that are not in their lists. I can't do much so I have started with a yoga video and I can't figure out how to get that listed. Also, I do some walking and stair steps to the basement etc. so how do you post incidental exercise? Do you just guess at minutes?

BUSYBEE47 - 6:59PM UTC, Jan 18th 2010

A pedometer may help you record that misc exercise. You can count your steps and enter that data. I'm new to this program today - so not sure that the option is there in the exercise tracking piece - however, they refer to a pedometer so I'm thinking it's an option. Good luck!