sagging skin.... any hope?

CINCIN1 - 3:52PM UTC, May 15th 2011

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Hi 50-something folks! :hi:
I actually joined this group last October when I started CK, but forgot about it. :cross2:

I've been reading the posts from the last few months and realize I have so much in common with everyone here. Being over 50 definitely has more challenges for weight loss (and health in general).

My question to the group...
as I lose weight, the skin just hangs where the fat used to be. :nono2: Not very attractive.
Is there any hope that this saggy skin will ever shrink up?

When I was much younger and lost the baby weight after my pregnancies, the skin did shrink back but left a lot of stretch marks.

At this point, I don't mind the stretch marks, but I certainly cannot have a "tummy tuck" to get rid of this saggy skin. :nono1:

Is there any hope?? :huh:

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I am hoping that there is hope for sagging skin, too. In case I ever lose this belly. I have been on here for a year and only lost 27 lbs. But I've kept it off, so I guess that is good. If I could just lose 27 more, now.

CLORINDA - 5:54PM UTC, Jul 25th 2011

My Dad lost a lot of weight when he was about 58. He did have sagging skin. Over time it did tighten up some but not completely. He died when he was 78, and he was very skinny due to a long illness, and his skin was loose. But his situation is not typical, because he was not well, so I'm thinking if you are healthy, your skin will eventually tighten up. If my Father's skin bounced back even though he was ill, yours probably will too.

I am 57 and I have a lot to lose, so I'm hoping there is hope. Good luck, and keep us posted.

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Wish I knew. As my belly ball disappears there is a "fringe" at the bottom. UGH. I am hoping that it goes away. My friend is using something that runs current through it with a "galvanized" current. frankly, I dont think that it makes sense. But we can hope!!! Betty

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