5 hour energy

TERENAAHLERS - 11:48AM UTC, Jul 7th 2010

Hi! I'm new to this group and am trying to be active in CK. :hi: I wanted to share how awesome 5 hour energy is per my experience this morning:

This morning I woke up feeling my normal slightly hungover self (after plenty of wine the night before) determined to achieve my daily goal (that I usually fail horribly at) of running in the morning before work. I tried 5 hour energy this morning, the extra strength formula, and I actually noticed a huge difference!!! I'm so excited! I feel great and am going set the same goal tomorrow! Anyone else use 5 hour energy? If not you gots to try it! :thumbu2:

RFS55044 - 1:33PM UTC, Aug 29th 2010


I'm not a big energy drink person but I did find something that I like better than 5hr energy. I have to admint I only tried 5hr energy once and it gave me the jitters and I spiked and crashed hard. A friend brought me over a sample of a new energy drink called EIRO Energy that is all natural, no synthetic caffeine, no taurine, no preservatives and non carbonated so doesn't dehydrate you. No jitters, no spike and best of all no crash. I drink one before every workout now. Gives you a nice cool clean focused energy. Has guarana, ginseng, green tea and ginkgo biloba. They make 2 versions 120cal and 25cal. You can go to my homepage and check out the link to the website.

TIERNIMARIE - 11:43PM UTC, Aug 6th 2010

I also love 5 hour energy. Never used to cure a hang over though, because I usually want to be able to sleep it off! But if it's not an option, I'll have to try it out. I like them because they are virtually calorie free, and like the advertisement says.....No Crash :)