Hey Everyone

KDBCOOPER - 1:46PM UTC, Feb 25th 2008

DFW, Texas

Wow!! I haven't been on here for a long time, I think I was in denial. But I'm back again, a little heavier, but a little stronger. So, I'd like to talk to wine lovers about how they can still enjoy a glass of the vino, and still lose weight! Also, since we just had Valentine's did anyone have a special vino? I bought a bottle of Amarone (well, it was actually a Riprisso), and it was horrible!! I was so disappointed!! But as a back up, I had a reserve bottle of Cabernet from a local vineyard here in Texas, and it was excellent!! My daughter ended up with the flu, on Valentines, and I was at the doctor that afternoon, so it was a very easy dinner of pasta, bread and wine........... Uh......... no wonder my pants are tighter!!

I hope everyone is healthy and well!!