Hi, I'm a wine enthusiast as well!

RAINCLOUDCHICK - 7:00PM UTC, Sep 29th 2007

Northern California

It's great to see a wine lovers group. I drink a glass or two most nights. My favorite wine right now is sparkling red. I've always been partial to champagnes and sparkling wines so this is heaven for me. It is the best of both worlds.

My favorite winery is Rosenblum out of Healdsburg, CA I find that every single wine of theirs is exceptional. I also love my old Behrens & Hitcock bottles.

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ADDIEJ - 6:16PM UTC, Oct 10th 2007

Awesome! Thanks for the heads-up! I haven't broken the seal yet, so I can still pawn it off on someone else ;) I'll try out the Kendal-Jackson.. Thanks for the tip! You saved me some wasted calories!


NEIMANMARXIST - 1:01PM UTC, Oct 9th 2007


hi! I've had kris. in my opinion, not worth the calories!!! it is cheap though. it was on special at whole foods several months ago....

in my opinion, the white for non-white drinkers is kendall jackson chardonnay. i hope this isn't coming too late.

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ADDIEJ - 8:25PM UTC, Oct 1st 2007

Quick question,
I don't usually go for whites, but a friend of mine recommended a pinot grigio called "kris". He says it's the house wine at the Bellagio... Anyone tried it? I picked up a bottle at my local Cost Plus World Market, but I'd hate to waste the calories on bad vino... You know? :)

KDBCOOPER - 2:55PM UTC, Oct 1st 2007

DFW, Texas

Rosenblum is a good winemaker. I had the cab a couple of months ago.
I've had to cut out my wine, except for once a week. My waist just doesn't seem to like it!!