My name is Jaime... and I'm a wino!

GIRLNYELM - 11:09PM UTC, Mar 16th 2008


It's how I put on my weight... and it's killing me to cut it out (which I have yet to do). I'm so glad to have found you all!


HW- 155
SW- 153
CW- 148.5
GW- 123

PCASA - 9:25AM UTC, Mar 21st 2010

Hi I have found a low calarie wine (30% less), but drank twice as much, so I guess it was't successful!

SARAH583 - 7:54PM UTC, May 15th 2009

Not only do I LOVE wine (red, white, whatever!) I'm also a sucker for a really good martini (dirty martinis are my favorite). I love to have a cocktail (or two, or three) when I go out for dinner, and my boyfriend and I tend to meet friends for drinks on the weekends. It's almost impossible for me to cut the cocktails out entirely...I love them too much! And I have to go to a wedding tomorrow...eek!

TRISHIEK - 3:38PM UTC, May 21st 2008


Light chardonnay - hmmmm.... surprising that someone HASNT' come out with one yet!

SELLENG72 - 5:52PM UTC, Apr 16th 2008

Me too! Wish someone would invent light chardonnay. That'll be the day... BTW - love your motto...cheers!