New Here

CBOLING - 10:08PM UTC, Jan 2nd 2013

Does anyone still post here? I love wine, but I need to drop the weight. I used to be able to get away with it, but since hitting 40, I find it harder to drop.

SJAJPALMER - 7:34PM UTC, Jan 24th 2013

Victoria, BC

I love red wine. Wish I didn't, but a glass or two on Friday after a long week can be sooo satisfying! Since getting back on the program, if I feel like a drink I have a vodka and club soda instead. One ounce is only 64 cals and with less sugar. I have 20lbs left that I want to ditch, and I can handle the dietary and exercise changes, but if I want to make this a real long-term life changer, I need a sanity saver!

CBOLING - 10:54PM UTC, Jan 23rd 2013

Gingeruswail,I am 42, and I really enjoy a glass of wine after a long day at work, especially since I work for Lawyers! the past couple of weeks, I tried using it as a reward, and I, would work out..and then try to burn an additional 120-240 calories for glass or 2 of wine..and I just wasn't dropping the weight. when I stopped the wine, except on weekends...the weight came off, boom! I have come to the conclusion that wine just slows down my metabolisim. :(

GINGERUSWAIL - 5:55PM UTC, Jan 18th 2013

I'm new to the group too and am having the same problem. I am 43 and need to loose 20-30 pounds.