This is definitely the group for me!!!

CCLARK - 8:35PM UTC, Jan 22nd 2008

Hi everyone!! I love it -- a group for winos!! YAY!!! Or, I am sorry, I believe the PC term is "Wine Enthusiast" -- whatever, we're winos -- we know it!! :) So I noticed this group and thought -- sign me up for that club! I love wine.....sometimes too much :drunk: ...and sometimes -- it DOESN'T love me back! :cry3:

I am trying to cut out wine during the week, and actually started a thread in the forums for ideas for alternatives that I can drink during the week that don't have the high calories. One woman suggested sugar free grape juices....i got that one on my list!! Does anyone have any other ideas of how "fake" a good glass of wine?

Also, I just wanted to share a couple of new finds that i LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

1. Menage a trois (sp??) Red Table Wine
2. Menage a trois (sp??) Rose Table Wine
***I have just recently spotted this brand at Jewel/Osco for those of you from Illinois...if any...
3. Dog's Tale Cabernet -- very very yummy!!very jammy for a cab!!!

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CHEMMERLY - 6:01PM UTC, Jul 20th 2008


I recently came back from two closely-scheduled trips—one to Napa Valley and one to Chicago—and on both of them I drank WAY too much vino. I'm currently halfway through a self-imposed two-week "detox"—no wine or alcohol of any kind for me during this time. I'm hoping that it no longer takes me two glasses of wine to even catch a buzz, and that I lose a pound or two in the process. I've already noticed that it's a lot easier to not go over my calorie target goal each day when I don't add an additional 300+ calories to my daily calorie intake by drinking a few glasses of wine.

CClark, I'm currently really into Argentinian Cabs—they're spicy and bold and are at a great price point.

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TRISHIEK - 3:39PM UTC, May 21st 2008


I too thought of cutting out wine during the week, but then I'll DROWN in all the water I am drinking!

MOCCASINFLOWER - 4:53PM UTC, Mar 14th 2008

I drink sparkling mineral water in between glass of wine or I mix sparking mineral water in the wine