White or Red - what's your favorite?

LONGMONTKATHY - 5:05PM UTC, Sep 4th 2008


Hi new CK Wine Lover friends,

What's your grape of choice? I'm a white wine drinker, avoiding red due to migraine concerns. My favorites are chardonnays, though I've been drinking pinot griegio lately since its lighter it seems more summery.

How about you?

SCHMIDTD7 - 1:01AM UTC, May 11th 2010


I love the red. yum. :-) just have to save enough calories in the day to have a glass or two.

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SUEAUSTIN - 7:17PM UTC, May 3rd 2010

If you like Pinot Grigo, you might like to try Gewurztraminer. I think that it is more complex than Sauvignon Blanc. The really good ones come from France and Germany but California is starting to put some out on the market. The 2008 Fetzer is very affordable and while not a classic, it is drinkable....a good little back porch wine.

I'm new to CK social networking and am trying this out for the first time. I am assuming that a thread is a "new" comment and if you click on a "thread" you can respond to that specific topic.

Well, end of week one with CK. I am on a two year program as I am trying to get in shape for life but the deadline is for a trip to Portugal to explore Port Houses along the Douro.

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CHARKY - 1:02AM UTC, Jan 12th 2009


I love both. My favorite white is Sauvignon Blanc. My favorite red is either Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Noir. :tongue10: :drunk:

:love: Carol

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FLANEUR - 4:48PM UTC, Jan 7th 2009

sauvignon blanc
My doctor says not over 2 glasses a day.
I would like to learn more about wine.... toured the route of the grand cru in Burgundy last summer! flaneur