Wine and Weight

LADYSLIM - 1:34AM UTC, Mar 25th 2009

Wow, I'm surprised there's not many people blogging on this site! For I think this is my biggest weight issue. I enjoy a glass or two of wine an evening and eat things I shouldn't be eating, as well. My biggest culprit of weight gain. I was hoping to find a connection with a friend who can help me get through this issue without saying wine is bad for you and I can't drink it! Sorry, not going to happen.
I've just joined CalorieKing and it is my hope to drop 50lbs. I don't have a choice. I can't take feeling like this anymore.
Please help!! if you've been in my shoes or if you're going through the same thing. Maybe we can help each other...

SUEAUSTIN - 7:02PM UTC, May 3rd 2010

I have just joined CK again. I'm trying to figure out this group/blogging thing.

I am on the two year program....that's how long it is going to take me to loose the weight that I want to loose.

Love must be part of my lifestyle!

Good luck with getting slim!

SUEAUSTIN - 6:53PM UTC, May 3rd 2010

I wish you luck on your journey to slim!

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PLBCLARK - 3:28AM UTC, Apr 27th 2010

I relate...hmmm? Gym or wine? Wine, hands down. After all, I just spent 8 hours working and deserve a treat? Wish I would think of exercising as a "treat." Funny, I used to. Just got away from it!

SCHMIDTD7 - 12:27AM UTC, Mar 29th 2010


I am so with you guys. I love my wine. After I have eaten all of my food for the day I will have a glass or two if I have enough calories left to afford it. This also gives incentive to exercise to make sure I have enough left.... lol

So far it has worked for me doing it this way. I have lost 8 pounds in the month of March. :rock1:

PLBCLARK - 12:09AM UTC, Mar 25th 2010

I, too, would rather drink wine than go to the gym...I hate to admit, I can drink an entire bottle of Pinot Noir over the course of a four-hour evening. It has destroyed my figure! I used to be able to get away with it, but since I turned 50, no way. Need to do what others are doing. Don't have it during the week. It is hard:help:

MTH13198 - 8:10PM UTC, Feb 20th 2010

Big D little a, double l-a-s

I must admit that my consumption of 1-2 glasses of red wine on almost a daily basis is responsible for half of the 30 lbs I need to loose! Not just from the calories in the wine, but because wine then makes me want to snack! I rationalized in my head that red wine consumption was good for my heart! But in reality, the extra pounds are much harder on my heart than the red wine benefits!

So now, I've almost completely cut out wine during the week, and instead look forward to enjoying a nice bottle with my husband on Saturday night.

Another trick I'm doing is bargaining with myself.....if I stay on the treadmill to burn an extra 150 calories, then yes I can have a glass of wine that night and stay within my 1200 calorie target.

ABICKERDYKE - 3:22AM UTC, Feb 11th 2010

i love your comment on measuring out your wine....I JUST did that, no kidding!! i'm glad i'm not the only one indulging but wanting to give myself the proper credit!!

ABICKERDYKE - 3:20AM UTC, Feb 11th 2010

i hope you're still there, i've just joined, just read your blog and i feel the same way!
how are you doing? i've lost 7 lbs since joining...yea me! still a long way from my goal...34 lbs.
this is all new to me and it is nice to know that others have the same obsticles.
hope to hear from you and your progress.

BUGMANJSC - 7:16PM UTC, Jan 23rd 2010


I guess the dreaded phrase, "everything in moderation" is really true. It's just too bad when your talking wine. Mmmmmm love red wine.

RBCOZAD - 6:27PM UTC, Jan 4th 2010

Hey wine lovers! Count me among you. Martinis as well. I have found that I have to pour the wine into a measuring cup and then pour that into a glass. Otherwise the mental "line" I make on the glass just keeps creeping upwards and upwards...

SLIDERDKP - 7:09PM UTC, Apr 26th 2009

This so hard, especially when really stressed out! :bang:

MARGIT37 - 10:31PM UTC, Apr 21st 2009


I just found a wonderful read wine from Australia. It is called "Layer Cake" - believe it or not. Excellent smooth red wine (my favorite). On the weekends I will have the luxury and drink a glass or two. (Of course: It ruins my calorie count :bang:)

"Every day is a new beginning - never give up"

AMANDAM15 - 5:45PM UTC, Apr 21st 2009


Yes I would have to agree that I love wine and would much rather come home and open a bottle than go to the gym. I seem to make up any excuse, I had a good day-let's celebrate! I had a bad day-a glass of wine would make it better =) I grew up watching my parents have a glass or 2 of wine each night with no problems. I on the other hand can't seem to do that. Any tips of what wine is best?

MARGIT37 - 11:15PM UTC, Apr 7th 2009


Sounds nice to me to have a husband that cooks like a ****chef. May be he can cook some healthy low-calorie food? Yes, we are all in the same boat. I tend to eat when I am stressed out. Sounds like you have your hands full. Hang in there. My wine (red/Merlot) counts for 119 calories a glass so I have to rationize it in order to fit my calorie count. :)

SLIDERDKP - 3:02AM UTC, Apr 7th 2009

Damn wine!!! I love it, but I hate it!!!
I love good chardonney.
And too many calories are going into my body with it.
I am getting older, too (56 this summer)
Along with getting older, I had a major job change several years ago, and packed on some pounds right away, as all seem to do there.
Had surgery last december 26, and being mostly immobile didn't help.
I now weigh more than my top weight when I was pregnant with both girls!
I'm tall, and carry the weight OK. But I am very uncomfortable.
I do pretty well during the day, but come home exhausted from work, and stressed out.
Have got to figure out something else to do with myself.
Have good intentions each day when I wake up!
p.s. My husband cooks like a ****chef!

MARGIT37 - 12:50AM UTC, Apr 3rd 2009


Same problem here. My personal trainer told me that as long as I drink "wine" and enjoy it I won't loose weight. Too bad - now I did not drink wine for six weeks and still did not loose weight. So, what is the secret? How can I enjoy my beloved red wine and still loose weight???