Wine and weight

TDAVISON - 5:48PM UTC, May 19th 2010

I am a new CalorieKing member, found this group, and thought, "These are folks after my own heart!" We have a nice cellar that my wife and I have put together and I am a firm believer in the Wine Spectator mantra of "A glass of red a day is the healthy way!" However it seems that with good conversation, good friends and improving weather, the singular glass becomes plural and the "empty calories" mount up! Hard to watch the Diary numbers jump!
So I HAVE cut back and there are evenings that I have no wine at all (in violation of WS mantra!), but my wife is a 2-3 glass a night enophile and I just hate missing a good opportunity to enjoy a bottle of red.

JACKIEH4 - 10:58PM UTC, Nov 15th 2010

New Orleans

Yeah, I exercise so that I can enjoy a glass of wine at night. My reward for exercising! I'm only at the bronze level right now but am curious what CK has to say about alcohol consumption and wine in particular with respect to one's diet.

JUSTMARRIED10 - 12:23AM UTC, Nov 12th 2010


I love a glass (or 2) of red wine in the evenings. However, this week I am only letting myself indulge if I have the calories to spare (i.e. If I exercised or cut back earlier in the day). I also have a food scale so I measure out the wine and know exactly how many fl. oz I am drinking. I may allow myself more than one drink on the weekend, but I'm sticking to 1 glass max on the week nights.

MANYAN - 3:01AM UTC, Jul 20th 2010

I agree with the first poster - I have a glass of wine and then it turns into two and after 2 (or 3) glasses I don't care quite so much about recording every mouthful and then it all goes down hill.

I'm trying to find a happy balance between sipping slowly from a regular glass and drinking and refilling from a smaller glass. We'll see.

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TMC - 7:22PM UTC, Jul 1st 2010

Los Angeles

I love the smaller glass idea too. Thanks.

ASEIDL01 - 11:15PM UTC, Jun 20th 2010

This is definitely my group. Love your tip about the smaller glasses. I've been trying to get a good visual on the right amount in a large glass so I can stay aware regardless of where I am.
There is an electric charged vacuum sealer with specific caps that does a great job. Traveling right now and I don't remember the name.

SUEAUSTIN - 2:36PM UTC, May 24th 2010

I love my glass of wine too! As I log my calories into my diary I find that there are multiple ways to cut down. I did make a trip to Pier 1 and bought smaller glasses. I find that if I use a small sherry glass that I can fill it with 4 ounces and have half the calories. I can even have two glasses and keep up with my hubby (and not feel left out)....that's still fewer calories than I have with my two regualr wine glasses.

At our house there is no need to recork a bottle....if it is open we just finish it off. So, I am thinking about a recorking system to help me keep to my enjoyment of drinking wine every evening and making my target.

Anyone know of a good recorking system?